thekyliebee Diaries: January 2021

Updated: Feb 12

I know it is a little late to be doing a January recap, but in the spirit of staying consistent, I still wanted to recap the month to start the year 2021 out strong.

January is always a bit of a weird month because we are still in the throes of winter with what feels like no end in sight, but in my family there is a lot that goes on in January. First of all, it’s a new year and no matter what is going on in the world, I love that collective sense of motivation to be a better version of ourselves… even if it only lasts for a few weeks haha. January also marks my birthday month and the anniversary of me hitting the “publish” button on my first blog post.

It might not seem like a big deal like “cool, you wrote an essay online”, but that’s just it! When I hit publish for the first time, I wasn’t just posting an essay online, I was accepting a degree of vulnerability by doing so and we all know how hard it is to be vulnerable. Ultimately, I’m so glad I hit that publish button.

So here’s to a new year and to starting 2021 off the right way with hope that this year will be better than the last.

- Kylie Bee


Check out my annual birthday blog post HERE.

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I discovered these cute stuffed animals a while ago when the owner of the company started to follow me on Instagram and so naturally I checked out her online store. These stuffies are made of 100% post consumer recycled plastic. Why is this awesome?? Because instead of producing more plastic to make the stuffed animal, this company has figured out how to use existing plastic to create their stuffies… which in turn keeps more plastic from polluting the environment.

To get your own Sustainimals stuffed animal, click HERE.

To learn about how the stuffed animal is produced with recycled plastic, click HERE.

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We are expecting a baby boy come June 2021 and even though it feels like we have plenty of time to prepare… we really don’t. So this month we got started on shuffling the house around and putting together a few necessities to get us started on the new baby checklist. We are so excited to meet this little one!


Like many people out there, podcasts are one of my favorite platforms to learn more about what I’m interested in. As you know, I am extremely interested in sustainability and this podcast episode by Green Dreamer was SO incredible. I highly recommend you check it out!

To listen to my favorite episode this month, click HERE.


Cathy Heller is one of the people that helped me push the “publish” button on my first blog post. I do not know Cathy directly, I’m just a huge fan of her podcast and her Instagram content. Her podcast is a game changer if you are interested in turning what you love into your dream job.

If you are looking for daily motivation, definitely check out and follow @cathy.heller on Instagram HERE.

To listen to her podcast, click HERE.


Every now and then sometimes we need to refresh and reset. It was time to do that to thekyliebee website. Not much has changed, just a few formatting things and additions that make the website a bit more clear.

To explore my website, click HERE.

And that’s a wrap...

January is a time where I also like to get organized for the year ahead instead of posting much on all of the platforms, so in terms of the blog there wasn’t that much that was “published” in the month of January. But you better believe I’m just getting started because I am so motivated to learn more about sustainability in all facets of life and share it with you all.

So stay tuned and hang on for the ride! :)

Until next time,

Kylie Bee

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