28 and feeling great.

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

2019 Snow Sculptures - Breckenridge, CO

Today marks my 28th trip around the sun and I'm feeling great. 

Last year was a year of transition. I quit a job, I started a new job, my brother got married, I got married, Bryan got promoted, we took Lila on her first trip out of the country, my sister got diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, and I decided to start running. Last year was full of mountain highs and valley lows, and I don’t expect this next year to be any different. That is life. My goal this year - learn to enjoy the ride. To be thankful for where I am and every experience in the moment. 

Almost anyone that knows me knows how much I love the ocean. I grew up in the mountains of Colorado so it doesn’t really makes sense, but my whole life, my soul has yearned for the ocean. I just feel at home there. There is an inner peace I can’t explain when I’m near the tide. Bryan and I talk about having another home one day somewhere with salty air and the beach for miles when “we’ve made it”. I can’t wait till that day!! That is something I’ve always struggled with though. Waiting. I’ve always been a dreamer and always will be. I have a bucket list a mile long and I want to do do do! I want to check off every box as quick as possible! I have grown into this habit of always chasing the next thing. Which I think is great, unless I can’t enjoy where I am now and the moments as they pass by.

This year for me will be a good one. 28 will be great. 

This is a year of accomplishing goals, smashing them really, but mainly enjoying the wild ride. Taking time during the journey to see every moment and enjoy it. To be able to step out of the monotony of a routine to enjoy time with my family every. single. day. Even if that means just finding time to say “I love you” more. To MAKE time for my friends - I need my tribe. To work on myself - some unfinished business (or baggage) if you will. To take care of my body (tiny pancreas needs some lovins too haha) - making changes so that I will be around longer to FEEL great as I enjoy this journey. This also means things like more yoga and quiet time. More inner peace.

This year will be about support. Learning how to support my friends and my family the way THEY need to be supported instead of the way I think they need to be supported. Learning to listen and respond accordingly instead of hearing and reacting or solving. My sister was just recently diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. That was and still is very hard for me since I know so much about how emotionally and physically demanding this disease can be. Those closest to me know that I can be overbearing with the endless “you should do this” comments... they come from a place of love I promise. But I recognize that my opinion may not be what someone needs when they need support. It could be they just need an ear to listen. It's not my way or the highway - it’s what do you need from me and what can I give you to feel supported. See! Growth is happening already!


This year is going to be about creativity. As an adult creativity takes a back seat and slowly starts to disappear. So much of the vibrancy out of life comes from people being creative or observing the creativity of what is around us. It gives life color. In pursuit of that, I decided to start a blog. Inspired by my best friend Sarah and her incredible bravery - I’ve decided this is the year I will chase my dream of having a blog too. Sarah deals with anxiety, like many people do. I mean let’s be real - we are all dealing with something, it just has a different name.  She does such an incredible job of bringing that Sarah charm to the blogging world by sharing about her experience with anxiety and how to overcome it. When we can all talk about our vulnerabilities, we can support each other better and stop making real life struggles “something you don’t talk about”. Happy people, happy world. Also, you never know who will inspire by sharing your story. With that being said, I’ve decided to put away the fears of being judged and to go for it. I am starting a blog too. I have a voice. We all have a voice. You're already here reading my blog, but check out Sarah's blog!! Link is below.


This year is going to be about learning how to be more environmentally conscious. There is no end goal for this since there will always be room for improvement, but I want this to become a part of daily practice. I want my daughter and someday her children and grandchildren to enjoy a better world even than I see. I dream for her to see the true beauty. 

This year I am learning how to forgive. Forgive others but also myself. It’s unnecessary weight. To not be so hard on myself if I commit to running 5 days this week and I only get 3 in because life happened and I needed to be somewhere else at the moment. It’s ok. As long as I’m doing the best that I can, I’m doing ok. 

So in honor of all of this, I chose to post a picture of me in the snow. I hate the cold. I don’t have to like the cold but I am choosing to find the beauty in the snowflakes and the smile on my daughters face as she looks at the incredible snow sculptures in Breckenridge. The beach and the ocean will always call my name. I will never stop yearning for a cool sea breeze and sand in between my toes, but that is not where I’m supposed to be... yet. 

At this moment I’m in Colorado. For some reason, Im supposed to be in here. I’m growing here. I’m learning here. And I’m enjoying the here and now. 

This year will be a year of smashing goals, dreaming big, being spontaneous, and embracing every moment of it. 

I can’t wait! 

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